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ParentEve's Interface

The Main Window

The primary interface to the ParentEve program is its main window as shown below: It is composed of three areas:

The Toolbar

The toolbar contains icons representing some common operations and actions, and allows you to quickly perform these actions without having to select them from the menu. The buttons are, in order:

The Overview Area

This area shows a graphical overview of the current schedule. If you have a small screen it may not all fit on, but you can scroll it around using the scroll bars on the left and bottom edges in order to see the whole thing. The overview area consists of two grids, one representing the teachers and one representing the parents. The grids list people against time, so teachers and parents are listed down the side (the vertical axis) and time is considered to be the horizontal axis. Each square represents a single appointment slot, with the start of the evening on the left hand side and the end on the right. Each square can be one of the following colours:

A perfect schedule with a score of 1,000 will have no red or purple squares, as these squares represent penalty points which reduce the score. The overview is very useful for quickly seeing where there are problems in a schedule. The purple squares will only be visible if you have set the scoring to try to bring twin appointments together (see Schedule Scoring and Optimisation for further details). In this case, if there are twins who are both marked as seeing the same teacher, the software will try to put both appointments next to each other with no gap. If the second appointment is not immediately after the first, then the second appointment will be shown in purple. If an appointment qualifies for both red (excessive waiting) and purple (non-adjacent twins) status, then it is shown in red.

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