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Integration with SIMS

ParentEve can integrate directly with the "SIMS .net" management system from Capita, pulling in data directly without the need to do a manual export step first.

Define Reports

Firstly you need to define reports in SIMS that will be used for the data extract into ParentEve. This only needs to be done once, when ParentEve is first installed. You will need one report for the teachers and a report for the pupils in each separate parents evening you wish to run. For example, if your school runs seven parents evenings per year, you will need eight reports (one for the teachers and seven for the pupils). The SIMS integration works as follows: ParentEve makes a temporary CSV file in the current user's temporary area and then calls SIMS to report data into this file. The file is then imported as usual into ParentEve without the user having to worry about where the file is or what it is called. Consequently, the reports in SIMS should be configured to produce CSV files. This does mean that if you are upgrading from a previous version of ParentEve, you can now get ParentEve to directly call the existing reports that you currently used to use to produce the CSV exports from SIMS. The exact steps to configure SIMS for CSV reporting are beyond the scope of this manual. If you need assistance in producing reports in SIMS, please contact your Capita representative.

Import from SIMS

Open the import window (shown in Import Teachers), click the "SIMS" button and then click the "Perform Import" button. The following window will appear: Although there is a lot of information here, most of it only needs to be entered once and ParentEve will then remember it for all parents evenings that you run. The information that needs to be filled in is as follows:

Once the information is correct, click "OK" and the import will occur. The CSV file is produced and pulled in automatically; you will then be asked to describe the CSV file in the usual way (see Import Teachers).

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