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Getting Started


For the Microsoft Windows version of the program, the following system requirements must be met in order for ParentEve to work properly:

ParentEve is known to run well on many different versions of Windows; as long as you have a version which is still supported by Microsoft you should be fine.

Trying ParentEve

ParentEve can be easily installed, run and uninstalled, making it simple to try the program before you decide to use it.


The program is supplied online at as a self-extracting EXE file. Simply download the program and run it; it will extract itself and present a simple installer. Just press the 'Next' button and the program will install itself.

Running the Program

The program will put a submenu called "ParentEve" into the "Programs" section of your Start Menu. The program can be run from there simply by clicking on its icon. It also installs an icon on your desktop so you can start it from there as well.

Uninstalling the Program

The program can be uninstalled either from the "Uninstall" menu option in your Start Menu programs, or from the Control Panel's "Add/Remove Software" section.


ParentEve is licensed on a yearly basis, and it uses unlock codes to verify that you are currently licensed to use the software. When you download the software, it will not have an unlock code and so it will be in demo mode. In demo mode you will only be able to define five teachers, five parents and five pupils. However, apart from that restriction the full functionality of the software will be available to you. You will be able to evaluate how to use the software and whether you wish to make use of it.

Registering the Software

To make the program work with full parents evenings, you will need an unlock code to be emailed to you - please contact Millerchip Software to obtain one. Once you have your unlock code, you need to import it into your demo copy of ParentEve. All you need to do is open the unlock code entry window by selecting "Enter Unlock Code" from the Action menu. Simply copy and paste the email into this window and press "OK". The software will extract and store your unlock code, and enable you to define as many teachers, parents and pupils as you want. The unlock code also defines the name of your school - this name gets printed on the handouts, so please make sure this is correct when you place your order. You can view the current registration information in the "About" window. If you have a full license you can register on our website at and view your current unlock code at any time. It can be copied and pasted from the website to register the Windows software.

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